Why are ants attracted to sperm

Sperm Bundles From Male Ant Lasius pallitarsis

The company was looking for an eco-friendly way to get its cargo around and yes, just like sperm need, it has a cooling system: But then… who steals sperm? No kidding: It all starts in the testes which are made up of seminiferous tubules in which sperm are manufactured.


At this point it goes back up, up, up again through the urethra and zing! But why? According to Mark E. Moffett, a research associate at the Smithsonian Institution who specializes in ants, explained it quite simply.

The Terrifying Reason To Never Use An Old Sock For Semen Storage

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Sperm that attract ants what does it mean - Doctor answers on HealthcareMagic

Feeling poetic today? Feel free to provide more information. Dec 28, Have you ever ejaculated while on a picnic? The ants are attracted directly related to the levels of methylpentan and methylsalicylate in your semen.

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Basically you have a high level of slave ant attractant in your semen. Quiet-GiantDec 28, I'm unsure of the composition of vaginal discharge, however, some types of carbohydrates can be present that may attract ants.

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True Story. I personally use an Ayaya towel. Well jet if ants do swarm in your jizz it just means that you have very energetic sperms. I came ants.

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Posted November 29, Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Discuss with your doctor. Chances can be improved. Hi, What do you mean by early sperms? I hope its semen.

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