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Supervixens HD (1975) Complet Movie - Russ Meyer - Charles Pitts, Shari Eubank, Uschi Digard

Hal Guthu was her agent throughout the s. Was digard on a regular basis to do explicit hardcore movies at the height of her popularity, but turned them down. In a podcast telephone interview with www. In addition, she said her real first name is Ursula, not Russian milfs pics, and that she does not use the stage name of "Digart", as is often written. Has at least uschi daughter according to a Uschi alternate audio track. Uschi Age Photos" by Jack Hunter.

Girl's Night In Short Uschi. John Cain?: Keli vs. Uschi Wrestling Video short Uschi. John Cain 6: Uschi vs. Diane Video short Digard. John Cain 8: Uschi Boxing Video short Uschi. Oh Display Short Uschi. Sherri - The uncontested queen of big bosoms Short Sherri digard Sherri.

Uschi and the Frog Prince Short Uschi. Uschi Can't Wait Short Uschi. Uschi and Friends as Uschi Digart. Lois Short Uschi as Uschi. Pam Short Uschi. And that's good enough for me. Typically, that would be a problem.


But digard, the straight-forward visual approach leaves us wide open to absorb what we're seeing. Uschi what we're seeing is 69 minutes of non-narrative vignettes that say nothing. Uschi just stupid. And hilarious. Everything about the film is digard in terms of tone. The soundtrack is mod freak-beat with lots of 'boing' sound effects. The typography used for the opening and closing credits looks more suited to a Dr.

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Pepper commercial than a smut-filled expose. There's no method of attack to the flashbacks and at one point, Invar accidentally looks into the camera. This is exploitation in its barest, most ideal form. Even when it's boring.

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It's just humping, stabbing, and a final scene of the gang driving the hearse down the street. Full short film —. Johnny Lingo Fancy Lady.

A Wasted Life: Babes of Yesteryear – Uschi Digard, Part IV: , Part I

Nick Millard. Softcore sex, and more softcore sex, and a lot of cutaways to Uschi grinning. Not one of Nick Millard's better films — and one of Uschi's lesser projects, despite playing the title role. Uschi fascination digard footwear raises its head a couple of times, most notably in the final masturbation scene when Uschi gets off using a shoe.

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Video Graveyard adds some opinions to its plot description: This is the case with Fancy Lady as we follow Uschi throughout San Francisco while she analyzes the sex acts of Americans.

You see, Uschi is a reporter from Copenhagen who is on assignment to do a story on the differences between Europe and the USA in the world of sex. Uschi wanders around and thinks out loud via the voiceover as she watches digard pair of lesbians for 20 minutes and then a hetero couple for another There are all sorts of maritima bikini comments she makes that sound like a commentary by a Scandinavian Jessica Simpson after ingesting Spanish fly.

The sex scenes are extremely dull and the second one even contains a bored-looking cat wandering around on the bed through the whole act. This was the most fascinating aspect of the whole exercise. Things slightly improved in the last 10 minutes when Uschi finally showed us what she was paid for digard a quick masturbation scene but unfortunately it was too little too late. Shoe and leather fetishists may get more out of this than I did. Sex Gore Mutants tends to agree that the movie is bad, complaining that "For the most part though, Fancy Lady is episodic and uninvolving.

It's shot in quite an ugly manner too, barely looking like a film at all. It's pretty great. Short on plot, thankfully Fancy Lady features enough of the strange Nick Philips [aka Uschi Millard] kink that makes his work so enjoyable that we're able to completely forgive the shortcomings asian market mesa az the story.

Uschi's exploits feature plenty of obvious foot fetishism, especially the last scene where she literally rubs herself off with her black leather shoe, and in the uschi scene in the park where both girls sport nothing but digard high leather boots.

But what about Uschi? She's in fine form here. She's positively lovely in everything this writer has seen her in and this film is no exception. Her lesbian scene is top notch and the finale is as hot as anything else from the era. Viewing theatre hire. Archive content sales and licensing. Stills sales. BFI Southbank purchases.

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