Teen body builder zeb stewart

Teen Bodybuilding Class Competes at Muscle Beach 2019

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Submitting Form The server encountered an error. Form received. Add a brief message Get body insider content and access to regular stewart. Sign Up Now! Upper bodies are usually easier to develop. There were four classes for the teens light, middle, lightheavy, heavywith two competitors in the light and heavyweight classes, 11 in middle, and 10 in lightheavy. The same four classes made less sense for the collegiates, with one competitor in the light and lightheavy classes, teen three in the middle and heavyweight.

The real competition for the collegiate was the posedown for class winners, since four of the eight competing candy factory porn were in it although not the guy I thought was the best in the show. Of the two lightweights, 1st zeb winner Zeb Stewart builder the win for a tight built and good lines.

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He used new age music, unlike a number who favored heavy metal or hard rock. New age works well in bringing out the hypnotic effect of a muscled body. The middleweight group builder a solid one, and stewart largest group with 11 onstage. The top five all get my mention. David Daltonin 5th place, has beefy pecs, narrow waist, solid abs, and can pose. Fourth place finisher body Sean Cox. He has promise if he keeps competing. The second place winner, Herman Keithhas teen tonsured zeb. His thick chest, solid arms and abs, great back and assured routine all give him the aplomb of a young Jason Arntz.

Of this group, I would have given it to Keith for a superior routine.

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Another impressive class. Fifth place finisher Troy Janda has a solid chest a nice torso in general. Lewis Durrellthe 4th place winner, has great abs shown off in a side tricep shot.

Big everywhere, the beefiest guy in this class, he reminded me of a young Nimrod King. Jason Fineplacing 3rd, projects well on stage with a great smile and shining eyes. He has a good chest, peaked biceps, and can pose. Second place winner Marvis Raymer was a crowd favorite. He has great arms, chest, abs, nice tan, and clearly is a contender. Class winner Stephen Helin moves superlatively well, displaying great arms in a back double bi shot.

He has it and then some. Builder thought it was a tossup between Teen and Durrell. Only two were in the heavy class, of which I favored the runner-up, Phillip Nealwho has some thickness in his arms and abs. Zeke Samples won, and moves well. The stewart who won their classes then were called back for a posedown, with Domingue taking the Teen Nationals overall title.

Mike Matarazzo appeared best couples porn dvd at a bodyweight ofthree months shy of the Mr. Olympia contest. In off-season shape, Matarazzo is beyond freaky. He has the moves and works the crowd expertly, motioning for them to turn up the volume, then jumping offstage to high-five fans and shove a flexed bicep under their noses.

No magazine pix do this man justice. He must stop traffic on the street. Even though only eight competitors entered this competition, it was a solid showing with major beef. The middleweights had three competitors. Third placer Jesse Lieberman has a sleek build and solid chest. The runner-up position went to Bryant Pangeliananiwho had rock-hard body and nice back poses. Class winner Lonn Koentopp was zeb pick as well. The one light-heavyweight competitor, Jason Armstronghas solidity to his upper torso and projects power with heavy metal music.

The three heavyweight guys were well worth seeing.

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Third placer John Simone has thickness in his upper body, especially traps. The next guy, Tommy Woosterwas my favorite in this show. He can pose like a pro better than some of themwith detailed moves giving each shot high impact.

He has a terrific final crab pose, ruling the room while onstage. Surely this man is destined for big things. Class winner Mike Lackner is fine as well, and it was his night. He had solid quads, huge chest, nice back and arms, and poses well.