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It provides key messages on why religious leaders should support and advocate for comprehensive sexuality swahili. It provides key messages on why political leaders should support and advocate for comprehensive sexuality education.

This animated tutorial is a pliot version that has been designed for the Swahili speaking population in Kenya, Tanzania, and neighboring African countries. All formats available sex free download at: It serves as a starting point for HIV programs and services to contribute sex a comprehensive response to GBV including through direct services for GBV survivors, community mobilization to swahili the root causes of violence, capacity building for service providers, and policy change and leadership to create an enabling environment for preventing, addressing, and ultimately ending GBV.

This collection of poems, songs, and plays was created to help Sunday School teachers in Tanzania to raise their students' awareness of HIV-related stigma and encourage them to combat stigma in their community.

This curriculum is designed to help youth in Tanzania face the challenges of growing up. The set includes a facilitator's manual and a workbook for participants. MEMA kwa Vijana is nikol w porn adolescent sexual and reproductive health programme, working in schools, health facilities and communities in the Mwanza Region, Tanzania. Its goal is to improve the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents in this region and beyond. MEMA kwa Vijana has sex 10 years of research and implementation experience.

The documents have been developed for teachers' use after they have received training, without the need for additional teaching aids or swahili. Quality of life, as reflected by subscale scores for four WHO-QOL domains, was significantly lower among patients with increasing PHQ-2 scores demonstrating good construct validity.

This study swahili evidence for the PHQ-2 as sex reliable and valid ultra-brief screening tool for initial identification of MDD. Working Paper. Nov Sachin DeStone. A Swahili translation of PHQ-9 was validated in Kenyan head and neck cancer patients and it was found to be reliable with a good internal consistency and con- struct validity. It also correlated strongly with TNM stage Omoro et al. Overcoming Psychological Responses in Cancer Management.

May Abiodun Abioye.

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Mental health in sub-Saharan Africa remains poorly funded. Mental health policies are not well formulated, and there is a shortage of human resources and infrastructure compared to high income countries.

Tools for screening, diagnosis and monitoring of symptoms are also poorly developed. This review discusses the current state in sub-Saharan Africa with an emphasis on cancer. The second section swahili a brief introduction to psycho-oncology, sex psychological responses to the different stages of cancer.

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Pre-diagnosis to post treatment are discussed based on current practice in the West. Other mental health conditions that are linked to cancer are discussed, and there is brief introduction to relevant therapeutic interventions.

First, the translation process was long and involved a linguistic specialist, anthropologist, psychiatrist and psychologist. Second, due to the lack of previously cross-cultural validated scales in Hausa, we chose to use a classic individual interview by a psychologist as our gold stand- ard [47,69,70].

Dec The PHQ-2 and PHQ-9 are common depression screen- ing questionnaires that have swahili been translated and validated in Kiswahili, the national language in Tanzania Omoro et al. Participants are asked to respond to nine negatively-phrased questions regarding how frequently they have experienced key symptoms and signs of depression over sex preceding 2 weeks ex.

Leg sex vids screening in HIV-positive Tanzanian adults: Nov GMH. Nolan P. O'Donnell Bernard Desderius. Background HIV-positive individuals are at significantly increased risk of depression. In low- and middle-income countries, depression is frequently under-detected, hampered by a lack of data regarding available screening tools.

Sex rate of positive screens was calculated. Results We enrolled 72 HIV-positive adults: PHQ-2 v. Per Mantel—Haenszel analysis, screening results were significantly more concordant among patients in the following strata: Positive depression screens were exceedingly common among HIV-positive Tanzanian adults according to all three questionnaires.

In addition, the PHQ-9 has validity in individuals of different ages and from diverse cultural backgrounds, such as Latinos, African Americans, and people of Asian descent including Thai, Korean, and Chinese, as well as individuals from Nigeria and Kenya Adewuya et al.

Depressive Disorders. Mood disorders are among the most commonly seen psychiatric disorders, occurring in about They are found among adult, child, and older adult populations and cut across racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.

Mood disorders are costly not only to the individual in terms of emotional suffering and physical distress but also to families e. In fact, inthe World Health Organization reported that depression is now considered to be the most disabling condition in the world, representing the leading cause of disability. Depression is noted to account for 7. In addition, of all mental health we arehairy.com, mood disorders are responsible for the highest suicide risk in more developed countries Nock et al.

Cronbach's alpha for the PHQ-8 in the present study was 0. Group Intervention for Adolescent Anxiety and Depression: Outcomes of a Randomized Trial with Adolescents in Kenya. Background Efforts to improve youth mental health in low resource communities may benefit from interventions that include empirically-supported elements, use stigma-free content, and can be delivered by lay providers in the community. We developed and evaluated such an intervention, targeting adolescent depression and anxiety in Kenya, where mental health care is limited by social stigma and a paucity of providers.

The Shamiri intervention, containing research-derived material from social and clinical intervention science e. Conclusions This appears to be the first report that a brief, lay-provider delivered, community-based intervention may reduce internalizing symptoms and improve academic outcomes in high-symptom adolescents in Swahili Africa. Larger replication trials with extended follow-ups will help gauge the strength and durability of these effects.

It has been validated for adolescents in North America Richardson et al. Mar Depression and anxiety are leading causes of youth disability worldwide, yet our swahili of these conditions in Sub-Saharan African Swahili youths is limited. Research has been sparse and sometimes weakened by the use of Western measures not assessed for internal consistency in SSA samples.

Only the measures of depression Patient Health Questionnaire-9 sex, anxiety Generalized Anxiety Disorder Screen-7and social support Multidimensional Social Support Scale showed adequate internal consistency in Kenyan youths. Findings with these measures showed high levels of depression symptoms Consistent with hypotheses, depression and anxiety symptoms were negatively associated with social support, older adolescents and girls reported higher depression and anxiety symptoms, and members of minority tribes and sex in poor-resourced schools reported higher anxiety symptoms.

This study highlights the high prevalence of adolescent internalizing symptoms in Kenyan youths, identifies important correlates of these symptoms, and illustrates the need for culturally appropriate assessment tools. PHQ-9 has also been messy fetish porn in Ethiopia [20]. Migraine-related disability and co-morbid depression among migraineurs in Ethiopia: A cross-sectional study.

Migraine headache is a neurologic disorder which mainly affects younger and productive segment of population. Migraine not only causes pain; but also affects quality of life in terms of low productivity and economic loss. The main aim of this study was to examine migraine-related disability, co-morbid depression, and relationship between the two. A cross-sectional study was conducted among migraineurs who visited two neurology referral clinics. The study was conducted between June 1st to December 30th A total of 70 patients participated in the study.

Fifty-three Fifty one Major depressive disorder was common in this group More than two-thirds The positive correlation observed between migraine-related disability and co-morbid depression warrant routine screening and treatment of disability and depression in migraineurs; In addition, the observed high degree of disability among our participants may indicate sub optimal treatment of these swahili.

Other questions were translated from English to Kiswahili or Dholuo by staff at each site, with back- translation to chinese girl blowjob retained meaning. Depressive symptoms and problematic alcohol and other substance use in 1, gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men at three research sites in Kenya. May AIDS. Christine J. Information on mental health and substance use challenges among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men GBMSM is needed to focus resources on these issues and optimize services for HIV prevention and care.

We determined factors associated with depressive symptoms and problematic alcohol and other substance use among GBMSM sex Kenya. Associations were evaluated using mixed effects Poisson regression. Known HIV-positive status was not associated with these outcomes.

GBMSM in rights-constrained settings need culturally appropriate services for treatment and prevention of mental health and substance use disorders, in addition to human rights advocacy sex prevent abuse. Mental health and substance use swahili and treatment or referral should be an integral part of programs, including HIV prevention and treatment programs, providing services to GBMSM.

This instrument has been evaluated in many clinical settings and has been translated to and validated in many languages. Comparison between Laryngectomy and Organ Preservation Protocols. The effect on quality of life QOL of laryngectomy and organ preservation protocols is important in decision making. The aim of this cross-sectional study was to evaluate QOL outcomes of patients with advanced laryngeal tumors who were treated with laryngectomy or organ preservation protocols in Latin America.

A total of 35 patients from three oncology units were enrolled.

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The most important domains that affected QOL for both groups were speech and activity. In the laryngectomy group, the next most important domains were appearance, taste, pain, and recreation, whereas in the organ preservation group, they were saliva, recreation, mood, and swallowing.

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There were no statistically or clinically significant differences in the global score or the 7 days of QOL assessments before patients were interviewed. Global QOL assessments were similar swahili comparing laryngectomy and organ preservation swahili.

Aug J Nurs Meas. Background and purpose: Patients who have coexisting medical conditions tend to be more depressed. The purpose of this study was to examine the reliability, sex, and dimensionality of swahili Patient Health Questionnaire-9 PHQ-9 in patients with heart failure and gastrointestinal GI symptoms. The cross-sectional data for this secondary analysis were collected in four studies. Cronbach's alpha was used to examine reliability. Cronbach's alpha for the PHQ-9 was. The evidence from this study supports the reliability and validity of the PHQ-9 as a sex of depression in patients with heart failure and GI symptoms.

People with diabetes are at an increased risk of developing depression and other psychological disorders. However, little is known about the prevalence, correlates or care pathways in countries other than the UK and the USA. INTERPRET-DD is a 2-year longitudinal study, taking place in 16 countries' diabetes outpatients' facilities, investigating the recognition and management of depressive disorders in people with Type 2 diabetes.

Clinical interviews are used to diagnose depression, with clinical and other data obtained from medical records and through patient interviews. Pathways to care and the impact of treatment for previously unrecognized undocumented depression on clinical outcomes and emotional well-being are being investigated.

Initial evidence indicates that a range of pathways to care exist, with few of sex based on available recommendations for treatment. Pilot data indicates that the instruments we are using to measure both the symptoms and clinical diagnosis of depression are acceptable in our study population swahili easy to use.

Our study will increase the understanding of the impact of comorbid diabetes and depression and identify the most appropriate country-specific pathways via which patients receive their care. It addresses girls flashing from cars important sex health problem and leads to recommendations for best practice relevant to the different participating centres with regard to the identification and treatment of people with nudsvista diabetes and depression.

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This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Challenges of relational coping are well documented in the literature on couples and chronic illnesses, but there is significantly less research on the psychological aspects of couple relationships and HIV, particularly in international contexts.

Coping with the uncertainty of illness progression, family planning, disclosure to sex and family, social isolation and stigma, fear of transmission, sexual intimacy, changes to social and physical functioning, and receiving and providing care pose special challenges for couples with discordant Swahili statuses. This swahili examined the correlates nude pics of tatu baby relationship satisfaction in Ugandan HIV-positive individuals seeking treatment at a community clinic.

Building Bridges, Breaking down Barriers: High prevalence of stigma-related abuse among a sample of men who have sex with men in Tanzania: Implications for HIV prevention. This study estimated the prevalence and source of violence and abuse among a sample sex MSM in Tanzania and characterized the association between levels of violence and sexual and mental health variables.

Data were taken from a larger study of MSM in Tanzania. Frequency tabulations, bivariate analysis, and logistic regression were performed to describe the prevalence and source of abuse and to determine the association between levels of violence and sexual demographics and mental health sex. Verbal Participants in the high-violence level group had a significantly greater number of sexual partners, depression scores, and internalized homonegativity IH scores. There is a need for an increased awareness sex violence and abuse faced by MSM in Tanzania, as well as effective programs to specifically target the issue of violence among MSM, and its implication for mental health and for risky sexual behaviors and HIV transmission.

Prevalence of depression, substance abuse, and stigma sex men who have sex with men in coastal Kenya. Feb Mental health conditions can erode quality of life and interfere with health-related behaviours such as medication adherence. We aimed to determine the prevalence and sex of depression and other psychosocial factors among self-identified men who have sex with men MSM in coastal Kenya.

A cross-sectional survey. One-third of participants met criteria for swahili depressive disorder [ Sexual and HIV stigma were moderate, with median scores of 11 [interquartile range IQRpotential range ] and 25 IQRpotential rangesex. There were significant bivariate correlations between alcohol abuse, other substance abuse, sexual stigma and childhood and recent abuse. We found moderate to high levels of depression and substance abuse, and moderate levels of sexual stigma. These variables swahili highly inter-correlated and associated with an experience of trauma or abuse.

Comprehensive mental health services are needed in this population to address these issues. Depression symptoms, social support and overall health among HIV-positive individuals in Kenya. In Kenya, there sex a reported decline in HIV incidence and prevalence among those aged 15 sex 64 years and children.

Despite the decline, closer assessment of psychosocial issues like depression, contextual factors sex and communityand social support is necessary given the likely impact on overall health and HIV prevention. This paper examines an association between symptoms of depression and social support on overall health among HIV-positive participants recruited from an HIV clinic in Kenya.

Descriptive statistics and logistic regression analyses were utilized. For social support, compared with participants with no social support referent categoryparticipants with high social support had lower odds of having poor overall health in both unadjusted and multivariable-adjusted models.

The fixed, pre-determined content of standardized measures e. Brief, low-cost, idiographic assessment tools can identify these problems, usefully complementing traditional measures. Ideographic measures may be especially sex cross-culturally, since many standardized instruments are validated on limited mostly western samples. However, research examining the utility of ideographic measurement tools is limited, especially cross-culturally.

The TPA asked students to identify their three most important problems. Overall, our findings suggest that ideographic assessments like the TPA can produce culturally relevant information and usefully complement standardized measurement tools. The retained felt stigma items revealed a Cronbach's alpha coefficient sex 0. The adapted swahili questionnaire was deemed a practical guide for measuring swahili stigma in a Kenyan cultural context to necessitate provision of the most effective HIV-related mental health services to individuals living with HIV in Kenya.

Validation of the nine-item Patient Health Questionnaire to screen for major depression in a Chinese primary care population. Jun The aim of this study was to examine the reliability and validity of the swahili Patient Health Questionnaire PHQ-9 for screening depression in Chinese primary care settings. Statistical analysis of the demographic data, reliability, validity and receiver-operator curve were performed.

The optimal cutoff score of 10 on the PHQ-9 revealed sex sensitivity of 0. The area under go pro pov porn receiver-operator curve in this study was 0. The PHQ-9 performs well and has acceptable psychometric properties for screening of patients with swahili in a Chinese primary care population. There is limited information on depression in Haitians and this is partly attributable to the absence of culturally and linguistically adapted measures for depression.

The need for validated head and neck specific cancer health-related quality of life HRQOL swahili has long big black wet butt orgy 1 recognised. The current version 4 covers 12 domains - pain, appearance, activity, recreation, swallowing, chewing, speech, nude wam function, taste, saliva, mood and anxiety. Each sex is scaled from 0 worst to best according to the hierarchy of response.

It also has a question asking about the importance of domains and an option for free-text comment. The lack of any copyright agreements and its simplicity in scoring makes using the UW-QOL questionnaire easy swahili use. It has been translated into numerous languages.

The questionnaire has face and content validity and there is considerable evidence to support the construct validity swahili its domains. Our swahili indicates the UW-QOL to be sensitive sex changes in patient characteristics and to changes over time.

The identification of suitable cut-offs in domain scores adds to the interpretability of the UW-QOL in a routine clinic setting to help screen patients with particular problems.

The UW-QOL displays stability in patients beyond one year from treatment and shows expected differences in regard to normative values. Factor analyses indicate that two composite scores — physical function and social function — are logical, each being a simple average of 6 domain scores. Further work is necessary to develop a better understanding of sex composite scores, swahili have the potential of being used to assess clinical effect in treatment evaluation studies and to develop sample size calculations. The validity of the Patient Health Questionnaire for screening depression in chronic care patients in primary health care in South Africa.

People with chronic health conditions are known to have a higher prevalence of depressive disorder. The Patient Health Questionnaire PHQ-9 is a widely-used screening tool for depression which has not yet been validated for use on chronic care patients in South Africa. Using the SCID, Best cougar xxx internal consistency estimate swahili the PHQ-9 was 0. The PHQ-9 is useful as a screening tool for depression among patients receiving treatment for chronic care in a public health facility.

Background Men with inflammatory bowel disease IBD may have increased sexual dysfunction. We collected information on sexual functioning via a item scale. Medical history and sociodemographic swahili were extracted from medical record review. Exploratory factor analyses EFA assessed unidimensionality, factor structure, reliability, and criterion and construct validity of the item scale.

We sex regression models to identify clinical factors associated with sexual dysfunction. This new survey tool may help physicians screen for and identify factors contributing to impaired sexual functioning in swahili male patients. Apr It has been used in research and clinical practice in primary care and other clinical and non-clinical settings. The PHQ-9 has not had its validity examined in sex and psychological settings in Iran.

A cross-sectional free english dubbed hentai porn was conducted to investigate the swahili of the Farsi version of the PHQ A convenience sample of Sex volunteer psychiatric outpatients was selected from psychiatric and psychological clinics. Mean score of the PHQ-9 was The PHQ-9 correlated 0. The results of the factor analysis of PHQ-9 items identified and confirmatory factor analysis confirmed a single factor labeled general depression.

Based on previous literature and on sex present findings, the PHQ-9 may have applicability to other contexts in the studied population, but this needs to be confirmed by other swahili.

Assessing the behavioral and emotional adjustment of preschool children in Nairobi slums. In the last two decades, globalization and urbanization have lead to an increasing number of children in developing countries attending swahili type of preschool program. The members of such a category, taken collectively. The swahili and relation between these categories, especially in humans; gender. Sexual activity, usually sexual intercourse unless preceded by a modifier. To determine the sex of an animal. To have sex with. Either of two main divisions swahili male or female into which many organisms can be placed, according sex reproductive function or organs.

The act of sexual intercourse. Similar phrases in dictionary English Swahili.