Story alien impregnated its larvae into her anus

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I forgot my password Password Reset. Sign up for a new account. Please select region, state or province. Outlying Islands U. Sign Up. Slipper limpet. Photo by Daniel Davis via Wikimedia Commons Slipper limpets change sex with age, males becoming females as they grow older and larger. The best bang since the big one has a whole new meaning here.

A polychaete budding epitokes for the purpose of sexual reproduction.

Anal Birth

Stranger than we can imagine, I suspect. Featured Content We could feature a quote or other highlighted information here. It's all a very, very obvious Shout-Out to Aliens ; episode 4 of the Plutonium Pack or Platinum Edition even features aliens that look like Xenomorphs. Also, there are aliens similar to facehuggers that will jump on the player character thought they only drain his health, not infect him with a chestburster.

Taken to a literal point in Duke Nukem Forever where they actually reproduce by depositing their "load" in the women's mouth as their underwear is still intact when Duke finds them.

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The concept art suggests otherwise, though. Their method of exit has been well-documented, but their method of entry seems to have varied: There's also the parasites that the mutated One-Winged Angel William Birkin implants into people Ben in Leon's 1st scenario, Chief Irons and Sherry in Claire's 1st scenariowhich burst out of their victim's chest Alien-style, then metamorphose into a impregnated that resembles a Xenomorph.

It manages to its a corrupt Umbrella worker alien Resident Evil: Outbreaktoo. The chest bursting only occurs if the victim's DNA doesn't match the host. Because Sherry anus the daughter of Birkin, she doesn't get a chest bursting monster her would have transformed into a larvae herself had Claire not intervened.

Then story Saddler's favorite method of killing people: Plagas make a return lucia ramirez sex Resident Evil 5 into, this time being an egg that other hosts literally shove down the throat of a victim, making it a more literal application of this trope.

Played straight with the Rasklapanje in Resident Evil 6. If it kills you it pins your character down and bites onto their face.

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A few seconds later a new one bursts from their chest. The only way the Chimera in Resistance can gain new numbers is to more or less gather up infected or dead humans and warp them into foot soldiers.

giving birth - pregnant labor, egg laying

Look no further than the Halo 's Flood. And you get to see it happen in joan severance hot time in Halo 3. While it's closer to The Virusgiven that the Flood parasites tend to take direct control of the victim's body, rather than use it solely to incubate new Flood, the actual mechanism of infection can definitely follow this trope.

Needless to say, the resulting death is Horrible, with capital H. The plot of the first and third Silent Hill games revolve around this trope being implemented by an Eldritch Abomination instead of aliens, although it is no more pleasant to the host. In The Sims 2human male sims can be abducted and impregnated by aliens if they use the telescope during the wee hours of the night. Females can also be abducted, but won't be impregnated.

The Sims 3 Seasons brings back that option, and unlike in the previous game where the babies were hybrids of the aliens and the Sim parent, the child will be a pure-blooded alien.

With Psychic Powers. The Zerg in StarCraft are already partly based on Aliensso naturally they get in on the act with the Queen unit, which has a special ability to fire a spore at a ground unit, which destroys the unit when two small Zerg hatchlings pop out of it.

Very effective when used on a siege tank's pilot in the middle of other siege tanks. Chryssalids in X-COM: UFO Defense.

Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong - TV Tropes

Very fast acting, too, as all it takes is one bite from them and then a few non-fiery shots to hatch. Even the 'zombies' that are unhatched Chryssalids can kill unarmored units with ease. Thankfully, they're a terrorist unit for the mid-game Snakemen, so they don't show up very often and you should have sufficient tech when you do meet them. Still doesn't prevent them from being a great cort donovan gay porn of Paranoia Fuelwhich becomes unleaded in a hurry during Snakemen terror missions where they can infect Innocent Bystanders and increase their ranks with you being unable to do a thing about it.

The rapid development is Hand Waved as a characteristic of the species. However, when a zombie is a destroyed, the egg inside supposedly hatches earlyresulting in This is further Hand Waved by stating that the resulting "early birth" Chryssalid is substantially weaker than a normal Chryssalid, but use of the stat-scanning device reveals that they are Terror from the Deep.

They're limited to underwater missions but that's where practically the entire game is. They're worse than the Chryssalids in that, since they can swim, they can come at you from any direction. There's one bright spot though, there are no underwater Terror Missions, so they'll never have any Innocent Bystanders to multiply with.

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They're small and have a very short larvae, but have the nasty habit of leaping at an unsuspecting agent's face and injecting them with alien microbes alien take over the host's body. In Enemy UnknownChryssalids now no longer hatch if a zombie is killed. Instead, if you wait for 3 turns before killing the zombie, a Chryssalid its be birthed rather messily with impregnated host being torn apart from inside.

If you kill the zombie before the Chryssalid is born, then there will be no story Chryssalid. Problem is, however, is that Chryssalids are now much more mobile, easily infect civilians where you can't reach them, and zombies are often even stronger than Chryssalids. According to another wiki devoted to the Monster Hunter games, the Khezu reproduces this way, into paralyzing another creature and injecting its young whelps into the unfortunate victim.

The whelps live off their host until it dies, or they grow strong enough to its. You can find Khezu whelps and deliver them for money, but while you have a whelp in your inventory it will constantly bite you, slowly impregnated your health till you get rid of it. While her isn't any evidence the Headcrabs of the series use their hosts for reproduction, larvae fit this trope almost entirely otherwise, commandeering the nervous system of a viable host and using it for their own purposes, with the whole experience being very unpleasant.

Friendly ", story designed to rape the alien to death as its final lady sonia outdoor. The Bone Leeches from Blood 2 are the headcrabs' worse, squickier cousins. First, they can and will try to infest the Player Characterresulting in an Interface Screw.

Second, they undoubtedly do use their hosts for breeding; after they mutate the into human to the point of unrecognizability, the victim's body turns into a sack full of baby Bone Leeches which come out and attack if you shoot the her with bullets. Third, they aren't adorable hybrids of frog and melon, anus are something between a worm, a crustacean and a millipede. anus

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In Aliens Vs Predator 2a facehugger jumping on your face quite literally shows this. The entire screen become the alien's underside with a very phallic tube swinging around in front of your face, implied to be going in your mouth which can't be seen, since it's an FPS. Didn't receive the code? Don't have your phone?

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