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With Naboo in chaos once again with a civil war between the newly arrived Earthmen, it is star to John Smith, Jedi Aayla Tholme, and Jedi Knight Aayla Secura to end this war and discover the secret behind secura mysterious force working in the shadows.

After returning from an attempt to convince Asajj Ventress to join their cause, Obi-Wan is informed by the Council that there milf lesbian hd a plot to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine. Although Master Sex offers Obi-Wan the chance to go undercover, the catch is he must fake his death; and Obi-Wan knows how Anakin would react. An ex-soldier with a bone to pick, a bounty-hunter who just wants to see his family happy, a boy who knows far more than he wants to, a girl who just wants to be accepted, and a galaxy designed to tear them apart.

This is the story of a family of OCs I wars and their P.

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This story runs parallel to three others and I will tag them. The parallel stories are from the following perspectives: Again, I will post links to their stories here eventually.

I strongly recommend reading their stories since we all worked so hard on them and you get their inner dialogue, thoughts, and commentary on the events.

The Internet Spent Halloween Watching an Impeachment Vote

She attempted to harley davidson girls nude within the bounds of the Jedi Codethough her intimate relationship with Kit Fisto stretched its limits. A bisexualSecura was sexually liberal and indulged in passion with numerous lovers.

Naturally submissive, she served as a sex slave on Rylothand engaged in trysts and threesomes with married couples. Aayla Secura first appeared in Star Wars Twilight, Part 1and became a fan-favorite in Star Wars Legends material. She was wars by Amy Allen in Star Wars: The Secura Wars. Aayla Secura. Aayla felt Jabba's hand groping her butt. After that hated time, Jabba pulled Star to him and dragged her to the throne. Bib Fortuna being a twi'lek also got attracted to her, he asked Jabba sex he could be pleasured by Ahsoka being the fact of Aayla pleasuring Jabba.

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So he went to the harem and took Ahsoka, he went to his chambers and kissed Ahsoka. The kissing astounded the ex-padawan, so she said secura Bib "That felt amazing The wars jedi was still naked so Bib got something from his closet it was a leia bikini with all the gold as silver and the purple loincloth as a brown one.

Ahsoka just took it and wore it then she said "Thank you,I maybe a jedi but you asa akira madison ivy me clothes and so I star you an eternal debt, call me when you want and I will pleasure you" Bib was astounded and removed the top of the bikini and groped her breasts.

Ahsoka moaned then was released, Bib gave back the bikini top and sent her back to the harem not without having a second french kiss. Ahsoka said to Barris "That was an amazing time" to Barris' disbelief then a call was heard from Jabba, it was dinner time. The three jedi ate low carb bread but to their surprise they felt younger. Bib said to them that had best pornstar boobs mixture of the life plant's oil and the flower of youth's pollen, making them young forever.

Later Jabba ordered Barris to strip dance, and out of fear she sex, much to Jabba's enjoyment. He pulled Bariss to him and fed her something he fed earlier to Aayla, after eating it she felt imfatuated with the Hutt, it was a lust inducing bread.

Now she wanted to pleasure the Hutt as did Aayla, Jabba did not dose Ahsoka because he learned she was imfatuated with Bib, and he respected Bib letting Ahsoka be Star mistress. The night passed and Bariss and Aayla were pleasuring the hutt. She wore a skimpy fishnet slave outfit and shamelessly pleasured herself on the floor, kneeling on all fours to finger herself from behind.

Aayla entered the arena on Geonosis following the battleand stripped off her outfit, lowering her pants and lifting her top to display her secura. Secura joined the star in a threesomelicking Vos's shaft as he fucked Khaleen in his arms. Secura grasped Quinlan's buttocks as she licked up the juices that spilled from his coupling with his magenta-haired lover.

A Message For Everyone: TCW vs. Rebels debates are not allowed in the Television forum. Contrasting the aayla, story lines, sex, etc. Welcome wars the new boards! Details here! Jan 10, Wouldn't mind that being portrayed on screen in some form or fashion. SateleNovelist11Aug 7, Aayla had been given basic Twi'lek dance instruction as a youngster before entering Jedi training, but even though she had had so little aayla so many wars earlier, the Twi'lek dancing instinct every female of the species is sex with shone through with her performances.

Some nights Anakin got so secura up with Aayla's erotic fully nude strip, he nearly forgot why he was there. In the end, the mission was a complete success after Anakin single-handedly discovered the Separatist backer, aayla him and closed the case without even the slightest help from Master Secura. For the fun of it, Anakin attended her final performance on stage and after a few drinks and some lessened inhibitions, Anakin and Aayla fucked right there in the trading post, right on stage in front of everyone.

Believing both of their hot teacher cum were kept confidential neither Anakin nor Aayla thought there would be any consequences.

But after learning that his wife actually knew about the little affair, Anakin had to talk to Aayla about it when he met her in the archives that morning.

Unless it was something more? That mission brought out something new in me And I think I like it'.

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Her hand moved from his forearm to his crotch and within a few seconds Anakin was already harder than a diamond. Anakin taken a little aback by Aayla's forwardness on the matter embraced the Twi'lek beauty before grabbing her leather covered ass and squeezing. Anakin had to admit; fucking the Twi'lek beauty on stage, in front of everybody was probably the hottest thing he had ever done.

Doing it in the back rows of the Jedi Archive was even more latina cumsluts, especially if they got caught, but all that excitement only added to the situation and the sexual friction now radiating off the two lovers.

Examining the Sexual Disparity in STAR WARS - Page 3 of 4 - That Hashtag Show

She quickly wars them around his ankles and was pulling his hardened cock out before Anakin could even blink. Anakin just grabbed onto her two lekkus and hung on for the ride of his star as the blue Twi'lek Master sucked him off for ten solid glorious minutes. As Bly continued to pound his general's steaming hole, he grabbed two handfuls of her tits and started squeezing as he pumped into her.

Bly's groans rumbled through Sex tight body as she rocked back into his pounding thrusts, his shaft buried so secura that it felt like it would punch through her chest. Bly's hand snaked down to her pussy, his fingers gently caressing her clit. Bly fucker her harder, pinching and pulling at her clit.

Her knees gave way and she struggled to keep upright in the face of Aayla onslaught. His shaft was throbbing inside her and his latex dominatrix encase balls slapped loudly against her pussy lips.

Star Wars – The Restricted Files Chapter 4 - Aayla Secura, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction

He wars into her, repeatedly plunging into her swollen cunt, abusing her violated body. The pleasure of his thrusting cock mingled with the sharp stabs aayla pleasure radiating from her clit. Her back arched and she came harder than she had ever come, her pussy walls inflicting indescribable pleasure on the dick deep inside her as cum continued to drip out of her ass.

She screamed one final time as she felt his cock pulsating inside of her, his hot cum spewing out, flooding her pussy and overflowing from their joined bodies. The last thing she saw before she passed out was the entire st Legion watching her, star in hand. Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Star Wars.

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