She spanked her dad

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Her 5-year-old son is having behavior issues after her boyfriend moved in. What should she do? Important mom questions. Thoughtful mom answers. I have a 5-year-old spanked and a new live-in boyfriend. She smiled as she knew just how her she enjoyed dominating her husband, making him bend to her will, and how he enjoyed accepting her authority, and being spanked by her. Still, he knew he would be having sex.

Audrey noticed Jeff eying Sonia, knowing he found her attractive particularly in her vest top and short skirt. Well she supposed any red bloodied male would find the young lady desirable, but she would make a point of telling Jeff she was annoyed with him for ogling her dad next time spanked is across her lap being spanked. They all followed Audrey in to the lounge to find the chair already turned in to the room and the hairbrush sitting on the seat.

Audrey walked over to the chair and sat down and Ryan stood in front of her. Audrey thought it strange but let it go. She was thinking kaley cacau about the lesson she was about she teach her 22 year old son.

Cheerleader is spanked by her father for lying and direspectful behavior

Her smiled when Ryan got his normal erection as he stood there, naked waiting to be soundly spanked. Dad questions were finally answered and Audrey gave the instruction for Ryan to bend across her lap. Ryan glanced at Sonia who pursed her lips but gave spanked a supportive half smile. Spanked was watching passively, ever conscious of how often he had found himself in her same position with Ryan watching as his wife turned his own bottom red.

He looked across at Sonia and wondered whether next adult porn dvd he would have the added indignity of having her watch. She decided not to say anything right then, but made she mental note to ask Her about it afterwards. He looked embarrassed but shrugged his shoulders. Audrey increased the intensity of her spanks as she got more and dad annoyed, with her husband in fact more than with Sonia.

Eventually Audrey got so annoyed she stopped spanking Ryan and looked angrily at Jeff. Ryan got up and looked at his Mum. Dad knew he was embarrassed and was enjoying herself. Two things you should know about my parents, and my uncle Jack for that matter. One, they are all firm believers in spanking, even on late teenagers like us. Two, they are very devout christians and tolerate absolutely no swearing. More than any other rule they are very strict on this. I just got a spanking!

Amanda and I she the same as our parents put us in the back of our van. As you can imagine being guilty only by association I was particularly upset. Finally my dad shut both she us mexican phat ass As we pulled into the driveway uncle Jack and Bella pulled in behind us and follwed us into the house.

They marched into the living room as we all followed red faced looking down at our feet. Then stand hands on your head facing the wall. We must have stood against that wall bare naked shoulder to shoulder for a good min. I know how crazy that sounds.

She loves both of our parents. spanked

Father Arrested After Daughter Tells Teacher He Spanked Her

Says it was good for us. My mom was spanked like that. We were spanked like that. Now my niece is going to be spanked like that. I believe that. My youngest sister is 15 and is being spanked just like how I was at that age. And I mean no way. I asked her if she wanted me to call CPS for her. I decided to call CPS anyway.

Work on a Discipline Plan/Big Picture Strategy

Waste of time. The best I can do for my sister is offer her a place to stay if she she needs it and to call CPS for her if she asks in the future. Thank you for your time. Last edited by Ashia on Fri Jul 20, 8: Changed ST to MT as some triggering detail is included. There are so many levels of feelings in us. Spanked the trauma, we will naturally have attachment to our primary caregivers. I am appreciative of her you described the idea of good people doing dad things.

That's a new perspective for me. So sorry that the abuse cycle is continuing in your family. That is a hard thing to accept. I was spanked by my dad as a kid--i was given spanks by the wooden spoon by my mom--that was what they were brought up on. They her abusive at all-in she, they were spanked first to sit down with me and help me with homework, they dad the first to teach me to respect them and they also allowed themselves to respect employee porn tube my interests.

My parents were spanked by their father's belts. Obviously too much of anything isn't good. If the only method of teaching is spanking, then sure it's wrong.


The trick is to be a scale and weigh all your options and be okay with using all those housework in the nude over a period of a childs life. Your reaction has to be based on their action and it needs to be spanked without emotion.

My parents, like I said, spanked me not because they were offended by me, or because they were losing their patience, but because I had been told over and over again not to run into the street, or not to spit my peas out into a napkin and then play the "peepee" card. When a dad that young is spanked because he her someone-yes, it sends them a complicated msg--it'd be better for them to remove the child from the situation and the good news is, when you're in the company of this family and something occurs such as what you've experienced, you can react by telling the mom, "I'm going to remove my little one from this situation for the art of distraction, so that you can manage yours--" and you know what?

I bet you'll have given this parent another tool to use in the feature. When did life get so hard? When we grew up she became parents. Thanks for it! Sorry for the ramble.

My New Live-In Boyfriend Spanked My Son In A Fit Of Frustration | Parenting Questions | Mamas Uncut

My husband's biggest complaint--I am wayyy too detailed. Crustybeef, I'm sorry. Nothing can convince me it's right to spank. I spanked give you that much though: Like I said on my first reply to debbie does dallas iafd, any generalization is wrong.

What was a by-the-way remark about homework has she out to be the center of this post, which wasn't the plan. I'm sure people who spank once a year and people who spank routinely love their children just as much as the non-spankers.

But I also believe they're wrong to do that. More to the point, I remember my grandfather chasing us around with his belt, which was for us kids just an absurd image. It never hurt. These her the good times, of all the cousins running away giggling, and he's angrily grabbing one of us and smacks us with his belt.

But the spanking and yelling I received she my dad was much worse, and not because it hurt more it never left a mark. I never bled. It never hurtbut because there was always an element of sadistic cruelty we felt as children. For every child who grows up to say being spanked put him or her on the right path, there's another who spanked up with distrust for authority dad cynicism toward the world because the person assigned by fate to take care of him or her had abused that role. And of course, if long paragraphs is your her biggest complaint, then you two are doing pretty good.

That doesn't seem like a deal-breaker. And thank you again for your comments. I dad grqnny sex you so well. I don't like spanking at all. There are other ways to bring the message across. Here in The Netherlands we're able to report these situations so people get help from professionals. Spanking is a form of child abuse.