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One last note, I love that this brand has five tones for darker complexions. I found these tights to be extremely comfortable, and the 15 denier knit made it look like Nude was wearing nothing at all on my legs. The durability is great; they're stretchy and snappy and I had no snags or tears at the end of the day. They're also not a all constricting. There is no control top, which I like, but some of you may not and they have a reinforced toe. Point blank, I loved these. They're a great price, a great fit, and a great color.

Frangi Pangi Frangi Pangi sent me two pairs of tights free of charge for review purposes. I'm reviewing the Carmella color for this blog post, size Large. They're also made in the USA. Perhaps I'm a bit spoiled, but I was expecting a better fit and feel for mid-range price point here.

Instead, they more or less fit like tights Symptoms of chronic anal fissure get from a Target or Walgreens and I'm not knocking Target or Walgreens; I just have different expectations when I shop there. The quality color the nylon wasn't very high and they didn't feel very comfortable on the leg. They also come with a control top, which isn't my most favorite thing. Don't get me wrong But they weren't very memorable either.

On the other hand, you don't have to pay international shipping to get these, so there's that. Pretty Polly When it comes to hosiery brands, Pretty Polly is an women old favorite of mine. They were featured in my first thumbs on this subject, and I buy their fashion tights pretty regularly.


And while Pretty Polly is more popular stateside, I haven't run across any department stores carrying their tights in shades darker than sunblush. Quick note: They cost at least twice as much if you order stateside, and it's the exact same product. At 10 denier, these tights were the sheerest I tried. They're also very shiny I'd even call the finish glossy or oily and very stretchy. Unfortunately, they're not very durable; these were the easiest tights to tear of all the ones I've tried.

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You can easily destroy a pair after just one wear. The nylon is very soft and comfortable, and these come with an opaque panty top not a control top and a madison scott swallow toe.

Based on my experience with the nutmeg, which was lighter than I thought it would be, you may want to order one shade darker than what you think you need. I'd probably try the Sensation or Tivoili next time.

Gerbe Ethnic Wiffelovers Tights Gerbe Ethnic Colours made the color when they come out with their skintone tights in a range of shades. Sadly, I haven't heard much about them since.

They appear to only be available online from the store linked above, but I've never purchased from that store, so buy at your own risk. While Gerbe Ethnic Colours is stocked stateside by a few retailers, they all appear to only carry the lightest colors In addition, most stores only carry the stockings instead of the tights. However, they are also the most luxurious The 15 denier leg appears even sheerer when it's on my fiance thought I wasn't wearing pantyhose at all, which is the ultimate compliment and they have a matte appearance.

It's a very subtle effect your legs glow instead of shinebut one well-suited to the professional world, I think. The nylon is very fine and very soft almost like what you'd find on a fully-fashioned stockingand I completely forgot I women wearing them as I went on about my day.

There is no control top but the waistband is somewhat uncomfortable. These were my favorite and a great skintone match, but the price point and difficulty in thumbs a retailer are definite negatives for this brand.

Fellow addicts, what are your nude for nude tights and pantyhose? Any suggestions for women who have trouble finding a skintone match where they live? Let's share our resources in the comments! Last Updated on September 15, Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie. Thanks for this post!

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