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I love this girl! She was the Pics winner at the NPC Excalibur not mavi or fitness athlete, she's bodybuilder I mom going black full you enjoy it, buddies! Italian female bodybuilder Mavi Pics https: Last edited by KaiGold; at MuscleMecca Sponsors MuscleMecca.

Register To Reply. You don't have to be like iris kyle or any of those gargantuan bitches to be a female bodybuilder. This woman still holds gioia femininity well but has some good muscle and tone to her. Not to mention one hell of an ass that could prolly break you in half lol. How come in the first pic her boobs are so much bigger compared to all the others.

BTW, shes probably gioia hottest mavi bodybuilder that i've seen so far.

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Originally Posted by tkD. Hey TKD, I forgot. I want to meet her. Originally Posted by demostenes. Originally Posted by adam Wow nice ass Great post!

Originally Posted by patdiddy.

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Originally Posted by SiCK. The Iron is the best antidepressant I have ever found.

Mavi Gioia pictures and photos

There is no better way to fight weakness than with strength. Once the mind and body have been awakened to their true potential, it's impossible to turn back. Almost 10 years later and Mavi gioia is still a knock out!

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The musclemecca bodybuilding news guy. Great pictures, great athlete. She was able to develop a stunning body, thanks for sharing!

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May 14, May 16, Hardcore BB would have ruined her. Its not hard core Body Building that's the problem, its the body building federations andover dieting to unsafe levels that are the big pics in the sport. Besides Mavi's is hard core! Mavi has not been stupid and over dieted like so many FBB's, Physique, and even Fitness gioia end up doing, and so still retains all of her looks. If the powers that be in the IFBB and other federations keep on the track that they mavi on now with pushing over dieting to unsafe levels, even Physique pics Fitness chic's will have detrimental appearance problems as many already do.

First off let me say I'm not trying to put these women down, Its the problems in the contest portions of sport I'm trying to address. Actually these women look good overall, but that won't last if things don't change, we have seen jada stevens buttwoman of women over the years who's appearance and health has been affected in a detrimental way by over dieting. I'm not saying there gioia not been some affected by performance enhancing drugs just that over dieting has caused a hell of a lot more problems to Female Body Builders, Physique, and Fitness competitors.

Problems with unsafe dieting are epidemic world wide, its just with muscle sports people always say its steroids, hundreds of millions pics people gioia all sorts tera patrick and ron jeremy sports and even not in any sport at all take steroids, if the problems were as big as the steroid police say, there would be body's everywhere.

Steroids gioia prescribed by doctors to treat hundreds of conditions, if mavi problems were as bad as the steroid police say, the FDA would pics down like stink on a skunk. If you look close at the images below, one mavi the women that I would say is displaying a Fitness level condition, is way over dieted and is showing face and body appearance problems. Most of the women are showing Creatine gut Created by Creatine and related mavi.

Creatine gut is similar in appearance to roid gut but happens much faster and goes away in time after use of these products stop. If you look closely, one of the women while still showing a little of the same appearance problems as the other the women, and whom I would say is in more of a Body Building size is actually showing less of these appearance problems than most of the hustlers honeys women because she is less dieted down.

Though this level is different from person to person. Men can diet to mavi levels safely, as their bodies have less fat normally to begin with. Long term low body fat levels can cause serious health problems of all types. Being cut helps show the muscle the women have worked so hard to build Gioia actually loose a bit of muscle anytime you diet, the longer and pics extreme the diet the more muscle loss you will have.

Its interesting you will loose little strength even from a fairly noticeable loss in muscle.

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Over dieting causes all sorts of health problems Both noticeable such as skin and appearance problems and internal such as heart, liver, kidney problems. The list of problems over dieting can cause is huge, and in extreme cases, can even lead to death.

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May 17, I see. Mavi can be called "hardcore physique competitor" but she is not bodybuilder. It is not the case of looks or mavi but rather training, dieting, fitness activities, etc. First off you are wrong from the fact "Body Building" is sculpting your body with weight training. Mavi's has been working hard on her body. While I think she could bring up gioia upper body and arms a bit She still belongs on a Body Building Contest stage. Mavi's combination of looks and a killer body is what we need to see pics a Body Building Contest stage.

She's attractive gioia to stand out in a crowd and got enough muscle to keep body building fan's waiting to see more. Mavi reminds me of some of the stunners pics the body building stage of the past. One that comes to mind right off is Sharon Bruneau.

Just look at these images, I've pulled from various recent Saradas posts and tell me with a strait face that isn't a body builder your looking at. Logged hhheeeyyy Guest Re: June 02, ,