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For your operation record logbook date, frequency, mode and power output; for the contact station record their call sign, the time the contact started and ended, their signal report, name and location QTH.

Using UTC logbook confusion over time zones or daylight saving time, but you must remember to change the date at Z, which could be anywhere from 4 PM to 7 PM local standard time for a North American station. This is an advantage of the computerized logging programs. They keep UTC date and time straight automatically.

Of course, amateur are free to use local time as long as you indicate this clearly amateur the log. It is unwise to mix UTC and local times radio dates together in the log; use one or the other.

Non-essential information that is worth recording is your signal report and that of the contact. It is also useful to note in the log when you send a QSL and if you receive it. Nina hartley in high heels logging manually during a contest, it is impractical to record the start and end times for each station so these log areas can be used for contest-exchange information. Here you have the definitive answer. radio

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VQLog 3. Download it now!! Here you can see some samples logbook the summaries and graphical statistics generated by radio program. Which are the facilities of VQLog. Still not convinced? I am already a amateur of VQLog.

Contest logbook with 34 entries. Includes spaces for callsign, locator, date, contest and page number at the top of each page. I downloaded your portable logbook, well designed! Thank you for the nice clean portable and contest log pages.

Hope to connect sometime on the air.

What’s in a Log?

Hope to work you on HF sometime. All your ideas are great but Logbook paper is exactly what I was looking for a long time as a supplement to my trips with radio.

Thank you very much for the very well designed logbooks! This saves me hours of making my own.

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First launched in December as the online logbook of Ham Radio Deluxe, it is now integrated with many other logbook programs. More than a logbook: What is? What are the main features? Share own logbook over the net. Members can display their last QSO and on-air status on own website. Members can allow search their QSO on own website. View in real time the current ham activity, the last QSO over the world map, animation of last 24 hours.