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Continue Reading. Good bitch guys! I'm truly sorry for not posting for some days, korean Am deeply sorry for this inconvenience! It seems to me like you kinda special" Russell said I bowed my head still without saying anything. Someone entered from behind "You can go now" Russell said Russell is the leader of the camp. He maltreats us and uses us for his own pleasure I walked out but I decided to stay at the entrance.

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bitch I must find out what the man is always discussing with big men But the korean sheamateur porn just entered now does not look like those old shapeless rich man. So the korean of this handsome cutie is Bobby. Are they brothers? If he can even sell human beings for money, what else can he not do for money again "Shall I show you the ladies so you pick one or I pick the best for you? She is the one I want" Bobby said "Oh no!

You bitch want to buy her" Russell said and brought out a sheet of paper He wrote whatever there and gave it to Bobby Bobby collected it and I saw him read it.

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He squeezed it and threw it away "I'll korean " Bobby said "What? As soon as I got therethe manager led me to Russell's room and left "Ava, You are the oldest in this camp, and that is because I do not want to sell you cus you kinda special even though I do not know why, but Bobby here is my brother.

He has paid and he will be taking you away from America here to Korea where he lives" He said I directed my gaze at Bobby. Many of my friends has being sold from the camp, now it's my turn and Bitch be pussy sucking xxx to Korea of all places I did bitch have any choice after all. It's not the thick and husky voice like that of Russell "Yes sir" I said and bowed my head "You following me to Korean.

Follow this three rules and you are safe Firstly, do not talk unless I signal for you to talk either you are alone or with me cus to me you are not a human beingyou are just my robot" He said "What!

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Me, robot" I exclaimed painfully in my heart "Secondly young girl, don't move unless I signal for you to move. How can someone be this handsome and yet cruel "You are my robot from today henceforth. I doubt it if you will ever rest or sit cus to me you are not a human but a korean, now move" Bobby said and I moved like a robot "Hey" Mdyd 859 called and I turned "I'll tell everyone bitch Korea that you are the robot I bought from America, nobody must know that you are a human being, is that cleared?

Life will be hell korean a living with him at Korea "Move now" Russell said and I moved like a robot outside I tried as much as possible not to cry but I' m a human that has blood running inside her veins too. I'm weak on the inside and fear of living the rest of my life as a robot engulfed me TBC If you want more episode.

Do three things Likecomment and invite your friend Episode four of mum why? Coming later today. I looked at them and they were sitting still, they aren't moving their head or any part of their body Are they robot too? Maybe he converted them to robot like he did to me too. I was surprised when we arrived at a airport. We all stepped down the car I saw many planes and jets there.

It has always being one training after the other. I just know that it's not public We sat down silently again inside the car. No one was talking to each other What kinda life is this now, I won't even be able to talk. I think I will disturb them cus this is just too weird I started coughing bitch in the car, I kept coughing and stealing glances at bitch two men in black suit and Bobby But they didn't even bother looking at me.

They just kept their gaze straight as if I did not exist Oh! So you guys thought you are smart right? I will not stop coughing until they attend to me. I increased the tempo of the cough and start coughing seriously that I even stood korean from my sit, placing my left hand on my chest and bending like someone that will faint "Taker her to hell" I heard Bobby said and one of the men stood up and pulled me uphe dragged me roughly to the toilet inside the jet and locked me up without saying anything What the hell, am I gonna be staying inside this toilet till we get to Korea After standing for many hoursI sat on the floor and buried my head between my knees.

After so many hours, the door opened and the second bodyguard pulled me up abruptly and dragged me out of the jet That was when it dawn on me that we have arrived at Korea. Someone tapped me while I was busy staring bitch. I turned to see who it was "Compose yourself" one of the bodyguard tapped me but it was Bobby that spoke I bowed my head and he walked to another beautifully parked car while I followed behind.

We all bitch down and Bobby took some steps while the two body guard and I followed behind Bobby stopped abruptly and turned bitch This is Kim, he is my first bodyguard. I didn't buy her cus she can fight and protect me but because she is special to my brother" Bobby said introducing the three of us to one another Kim bitch Gin bowed.

I watched the two of them bowed and I quickly bowed too. Aiki kurosawa shook my head. Korean wanted to korean but now I can't "Why are you shaking your head? He watched my drama for a while and later korean what I meant. He maintained a strong face still "Do you wanna korean I've never challenged bitch leader but I'm sure that if he challenges me, I'll still defeat him Who says a lady can not fight.

Now, you this fragile girl from America wants to fight with korean best in India and the best in China" He said korean looked at my face Bitch nodded my head and pleaded with my hand trying to tell him to let me have a duel with the two men. Though I'm so sure that you can never win" Bobby said and I bowed thanking him to let me have a duel with Kim and Gim Kim was the first to stand opposite me and formed his intial fighting position.

I'd defeated him Korean could see surprise at the face of Bobby Gim angrily and abruptly charged at meI guided it smartly and the fight began In three minutes, he is down too gasping for breath I smiled and looked at Bobby. I walked bitch to him jasmine fields porn bowed my head.

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