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Arnold Schwarzenegger might not, in fact, be back this time. Dark Fate, the sixth installment of.

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Update, November 2, Never said that in public before. I did, yes I did, I auditioned with Matthew. Which was completely fantastic, but totally different. It just wouldn't have been the whole Jack-and-Rose, Kate-and-Leo thing.

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And we remain enchanted by the love story that at times appears people weirdly hope, don't they to trickle into reality. For its two stars, Kate and Leo, the film was an "experiment". Until then, they had only really worked on independent pictures. According to a Deadline interview, Kate persuaded an uncertain Leo amateur mmmf take on the role.

And then she found out about that famous nude drawing scene — the first act they filmed together.

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That hand move on the car's rear window during the sex scene is just as iconic — so it's hard to believe kate Titanic 's sex scene wasn't in the movie's original script. And one of the first things we asked was about that hand movement. I think we came up with it on the day," Winslet told Colbert. Nudes of Kate Winslet 2: Kate Winslet naked loop 1 0: Kate Winslet Interracial sex Mountain between us 2: Jude titanic Kate Winslet 0: Kate Winslet-Wonder Wheel 0: Kate Winslet has 'bitter regrets' over working with alleged abusers.

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Kate Winslet finally admits that Rose could have saved Jack's life.