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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. The Erotic Bundle 7 Erotica 1. Enjoy 3. Carl East. Eroric By: Claudio Di Eroric. Love Series Qais Al-Sindy. Gypsy grooming her feet. Marco Ortolan. Andrea Deschambeault. Manau Tupapau Gauguin cover. Marina Guerreiro. Daria Bagrintseva. Bernard Moutin. Rage No.

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Ali Hammoud. Venus with black hair. Marie-Helene Stokkink. More new releases tagged "erotic romance" Most Read This Week. More most read this week Popular Erotic Romance Books.

More popular erotic romance books Related Genres. Groups Tagged "Erotic Romance". Lecto Adictas Puerto Rico. Erotic Fantasy. I can't tell how long this goes on for; I never want it to stop. Eventually I'm begging him, pleading with him to eroric himself inside of me in a voice that I don't recognize as my own. When he eroric pulls on a condom and enters me, I lose all sensation other than the awareness of him filling me, touching me in places that feel as though they'd eroric been touched before.

We climax together and he falls onto me, sweaty and panting. With my hands and feet still tied, I slip into an exhausted sleep. My hands and feet are free and I'm surprised to find that he's tied one of the ribbons around my hair.

I don't normally eat breakfast but I've never felt as hungry as I do at this moment. He picks up a pear and bites into it, lying at the foot of the bed, beautiful fat women xxx up with one elbow. I notice for the first time that he's wearing a suit. I've got to eroric tracks soon, important meeting, eroric I had fun last night, I want to do it again.

Fine by me, I think, but I'm actually supposed to have planted six eroric camera in your house by now. The thought puts me off my food. I stare at myself in the huge mirror of his en-suite.

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Eroric hair is a post coital mess and I've still got the cameras in the lining of my clutch. What were you thinking? I ask myself. I expected a bit of fooling around, a pool party, then Tina and I would make our excuses and make a hasty exit, not this. By the time I've got last night's dress and knife-like heels on, he's already ushering me out of the house with a brief kiss goodbye on the cheek. Once eroric car is out of sight, I go back to the house across the street where our team is monitoring his every eroric.

They stare questioningly but I get the first word in, "Someone had better follow him, he's in quite a hurry. Why didn't you set the cameras up? I'm back in Marc's house, sat on his marble kitchen counter with him still inside me, this ain t glee reached a shuddering climax.

He's pushed my knickers aside and his trousers are down below his muscular arse. He'd eroric offered me a drink before he lifted me onto the counter. Eroric been posing as a personal trainer in eroric nearby park for nine weeks, so when he recognized me on his morning run eroric realised why my face was so familiar in the club on Saturday, he's seen me commanding a group of three to do squats and press-ups for months. He stopped me in the middle of the session and asked me to come round tonight and I promised myself that I'd keep eroric wits eroric me this time.

When I disappear from his life forever, he won't be able to find my clients to question them, they're all undercover like me. I'm kneeling in the centre of his bed in carefully chosen Agent Provocateur lingerie when he comes into the room with a video camera and a eroric. Someone's done this before, I think. I take his trousers and boxers off and feel a shiver of excitement at the sight creampie cuties 13 him, hard and pulsing again. I take him in my mouth and run my hand up his smooth, sculpted chest as I suck and lick, feeling myself get more aroused with each of his groans.

When he's on the brink, I climb on top of eroric and order him to wait, rocking back and forth as he fills me, reaching every hidden spot. He breaks his hands free of eroric ribbon with a tear, cupping my breasts and groaning, his urgency making me feel even more turned on. He runs his hands down onto my waist and moves me up and down to his own perfect rhythm.

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As soon as I begin to climax, he gasps with relief and finishes with me, eyes clenched. Before long he's fallen into a sex-worn sleep with his heavy arm lying across eroric back.

Once I hear his breath reach a slow, steady rhythm, I slide out from underneath him and slip my clothes back on, my body still tingling with passion. I make my way quietly upstairs and finish my assignment, placing cameras in a bookcase eroric his study, in his black and chrome kitchen and the fireplace of his living room.