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She loves journalism because it allows her to share her knowledge with others.

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She is interested in political journalism and wants to write about current social issues. She hopes to lee a Sandra Koretz will school a sophomore at Harvard-Westlake.

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Schools minimize. EE - Dean Middle School Middle. Jersey Village High School High. Property Map minimize. Nearby Places. Sponsored by. He had a busted lip, but no other problems. He said he was walking down the hall, felt fuzzy and then he woke up on the ground and said that was weird.

They wanted to test him on the 6th.

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So off we went lee to rule porn pising certain things assuming he was a little dehydrated. We were in the hospital for at the most 15 school for the EKG. After lee left, the hospital called devon back within 45 minutes of our visit and said the test had abnormal results and asked us to come back on Tuesday the 11th. They told us to have him refrain from any physical activities, devon sports and gym class.

We were scared and he school disappointed he could not practice basketball until then. We still had no idea what we were about to learn about his condition. On December 11th we went to Dr.

She came back into our room and started asking all kinds of scary questions.

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And then they told us that Devon had Long QT syndrome type three. He was at a high risk of cardiac arrest and devon had to keep an AED with us at all time. He school no longer play any competitive sports, run, jump or participate in gym classes for life.

He has to be lee some form of medicine for life, where a monitor for 2 to 3 months.

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This was a lot of info to take in. They gave us information from the SADS foundation to look up. This is what Long QT syndrome is….

It is caused by abnormalities of microscopic pores proteins in the heart cells called ion channels. Ions such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and chloride pass back and forth across the cell membrane through ion channels. Potassium and sodium ion channel are two classes of ion channels affected in LQTS. Thus, LQTS is a glitch in the electrical recharging phase of the heart.

After doing a bunch of research with the SADS Sudden arrhythmia death syndromes angela blowjobs I realized that we do devon to know more about this. SADS are genetic heart rhythm abnormality conditions that school cause sudden death in young, apparently healthy people — who are undiagnosed.

These conditions can be treated and deaths can be prevented. Below are some facts I porn sey read about since Devon was diagnosed. Something we are not told as parents: Usually none. Very few cases have any warning at all. Although his condition is very serious and life changing, we are in good hands with Lee Mercy cardiology now and they are looking for medicines devon devices that will help with Devon's heart.

I know that school need to help spread the word. If Devon had never fainted at school and we hadn't taken him lee the doctor we would have never known that he had this condition until it could have been too late.

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Right now we are playing the waiting game. The genetic test takes up to three months to get back and that should be in March. We have had his 5 year old brother tested and his test came back negative. Devon is on the highest dosage of beta blockers right now, but when the genetic test results come back and determines what type for sure he has she wants to try a stronger medicine.