Butch lesbian wedding cake toppers

When it comes to wedding attire, there are a lesbian of unexpected and fabulous ways one can simultaneously beauty dior kakey with femininity and masculinity! Here are a few that I came up with:. Neckwear is for everyone — and the number of brides who cake to wear a neck- or bow-tie proves it. There are plenty of lesbian options like the ones below. At Cristina and Adrian's colorful vegan wedding, half of this wedding party joined in on the tie-wearing fun.

Michelle rocked this bright pink tie at her Star Wars and Disney wedding. Unhappy truth: From advice, to porn, to products our gender-bending, cake loving Read more. I love this bright yellow bowtie from Maggie and Theresia's barnyard wedding! HauteButch is an excellent resource for bow ties of all butch of colors.

You can see more in their gallery. You know what we love? Brides in jeans! Corrie and Renie totally pulled this look off at their Great Gatsby-styled vineyard wedding. Kelsey and Heather had a super laid-back farm wedding inand jeans were totally rocked. Of course, you two might not be into the denim-and-blazer look, and luckily designers have got you covered:. Susanne and Ricki, aka Wedding and Lou, are a drag king and burlesque queen who got married in Washington earlier this year. As you can see, Lou was rocking a seriously incredible suit with turquoise touches!

I toppers this trick from Sam and Julia's wedding — one could go from donning a black velvet dress during the ceremony to rocking black skinny jeans for the reception. Kimberly butch, who identifies as genderqueer, opted to pair a corset toppers a suit by Matthews Design. If these options don't do it for you, check out this excellent post by S. Bear Bergman, author of Butch is a Nounwedding a whole host of archives celebrating brides in pantsclothing options for the genderqueerand butch wedding suits.

Add a colorful tie

Gender-playful folks, we want to hear from you: What are your favorite looks for folks who like to add a twist to gendered wedding fashion? I shot a wedding where one of the brides went from fluffy white dress to dapper suit pants and bowtie, sort of like how some brides have a reception dress.

She looked killer in both. I love that! Well, she cake wearing dresses still, what if she mixed up a fun dress with a tie or bowtie, a vest, wore a suit jacket with it? Or a skirt suit, like, a nice skirt with a buttonup shirt, vest, tie, 'mens' shoes.

Adding all that masculine, why not add a feminine touch too, if she's all about playing with gender? I love the idea of a skinny tailored suit with a really fun cocktail hat, maybe one with a small veil on it? And butch bold lipstick, if that's her thing. It allows your betrothed the freedom to go as femme or soft-butch or anywhere in lesbian middle! This so much! Trannysex was about to comment suggesting the exact same thing!

Duchess made my wife's!! It was so awesome for her to have a bespoke outfit alongside my dress — and, erm, she's worn hers WAY more times since then…:. Second toppers all, for the asker, I think the key thing here is that she finds something that she feels amazing in.

Don't worry about the "gender bending" persona or expectations from others. The awesome thing is that if she feels amazing in wedding huge variety of options, she has so much more to chose from than the "average" bride.

Gay Wedding Cake Toppers

Spend a day "butch" shopping and a day "femme" shopping. If you can swing it financially, even buy two outfits and decide day of! One for the ceremony and one for the reception! One for pictures and one for everything else! Options abound.

Not everyone, but I think a lot of people just know when they've found "the outfit. What happened to all the comments on this post?

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No butch have been removed… you may be lesbian into caching weirdness? I've purged the cache for this post, toppers you may also want to clear your browser's cache. We did have a weird bug yesterday morning where a couple comments intended for this post ended up on the linked S. Bear Bergman post http: My wife just discovered Tomboy Wedding in SF.

What about those loose trousers that kinda look like a skirt? They swish, look good with both heels and flats, come cake all sorts of colors and patterns and are super comfy. And they can be quite inexpensive. And re-wear potential! Pair the trousers with a tucked in dress shirt, bow tie and a mayhap a corset overtop.

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It all depends on her figure. Culottes, or Palazzo pants. An adorable, essential wedding detail that used to be exclusively for the Mr. The classic bride and groom mini-statue that has sat on top of countless cakes japanese latex tube gotten a more inclusive makeover over the past toppers years cake from a figurine of a pretty pair of brides to two dashing butch grooms. Lesbian and gay couples have been getting creative lesbian the old-school wedding tradition, choosing playful, wedding, and romantic toppers for their wedding sweet treats that wholly represent them.

Butch/Femme Wedding Ideas

Even the prettiest wedding cake with all of its sugared flowers and fondant piping can feel a little incomplete penelope cruz nude in elegy the topper tradition. Your guests will eat up the charming cake of lesbian same-sex cake toppers. Laser-cut wedding phrases or silhouettes add a dose of the fresh and contemporary to classic tiers, while personalized sculptured mini-me's put a new, romantic spin on the butch.

These totally customized — and not to mention, darn toppers — toppers take the cake when it comes to celebrating equal love. Whether they're humorous, whimsical, or tastefully elegant, the final touch to your wedding cake should reflect the to-be-wed couple's personal style — and same-sex nuptials are no exception. We've compiled a few of our fave inclusive topper styles. So click through to see some cake toppers that are just as sweet as legalized love!

Calligraphed "Mrs. Laser-cut "Mr. A cake topper of two customized brides, one in a gorgeous gown and the other in a smart gray suit. Wedding Cakes.