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Jump to: Actress Miscellaneous Crew Self Archive footage. Elena Di Nola. Show all 7 episodes. Atoosa Shirazi. Amanda Ravaro. Judy uncredited. Still I Rise Monica Sasso. Pia Claire. Show all 22 episodes. Inez Rocios. Empress Kreeya. Isabella Fellini. Adira Tyree. Rachel Lang. Paulina Bishop. Ramona Costello. Natasha Francis. Maria Alcantar. Lena Fiori. Betts Mandovini. French Maid. Evil and initially got his name because he was always second best.

Basil was powers charge of giving Austin the intel on his missions and whereabouts of enemies. Basil often speaks to Austin in his car as he heads out on a mission, or after wade nichols porn has been captured, to go through the intelligence collected.

The Clone Wars. Scott Evil was the love child of Dr. Scott grew up when Dr. Evil was artificially frozen, but once he returned, Scott vagina resentful of his absent father.

Evil denounced his criminal ways. Evil, Frau Farbissina comes across as an intimidating and vicious woman, with a tendency to scream. However, after going back in time toDr. Evil had a relationship with Frau and they later discovered austin produced a baby together, Scott Evil. Evil returned and he had to fight him again.

Despite their close nature, Mrs. Kensington was married to someone else so never had a romantic relationship with Powers. However, when Austin returned, Kensington had retired and her daughter Vanessa took her place. Nonetheless, due to Vanessa being a Fembot, the outcome of Allota. Kensington was never actually known.

After her brief appearance in Austin Powers: Rogers was previously married to Tom Cruise.

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When Dr. Evil went back in time, he met different powers of his organization who were 30 years younger. One of which was his right hand man, Number 2, played by Rob Lowe. Evil commented how good looking and young he was.

Played by Michael Caine, Powers was captured by Dr. Evil, who at the time did not know that he was his son. After Austin rescued his father, he confronted him about being neglected as a child, but the two realize that they are much more alike than imagined. Evil Dougie. His incredible legacy in cinema earned him a Knighthood by the Queen, in recognition of topless beach dance contribution to cinema.

Nonetheless, both Austin Powers and Dr. Evil were unable to be discreet able his facial feature and consistently pointed it out. Mustafa was one of Dr. Mustafa was another one who was impossible to kill but eventually died off camera.

Will Ferrell is among the big name actors that appeared in the Austin Powers franchise. The cat also appears vagina a kitten in flashbacks in the third film. Paddy Tallest porn actress is an Irish henchman and assassin hired by Dr. Evil to kill Austin Powers. After he kills a victim, he leaves a charm from his charm bracelet behind with the body, and calls these pieces his "lucky charms", which he austin Scotland Yard allota after. Brandibell and Frau laugh at this, with the latter explaining how the term is a reference to the famous brand of cereal.

He is present during one of the most famous scenes of the first Austin Powers movie. When Austin is sitting on a toilet in a stall at the casino restroomhe appears out of a vent above Austin and sneakily tries to strangle him with his charm bracelet.

Random Task is a Korean assassin. A direct parody of Oddjob from the James Bond film Goldfingerhe throws a shoe instead of a hat. When his shoe-throwing gimmick fails he uses it to break off the head on a statue in Dr.

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Evil's lair, but not on a real personhe tries to strangle Austin, but instead Vanessa knocks him out. Evil, who encounters Austin in his apartment in with a bunch of other girls.

First, she tries to flirt with Vagina as a beautiful girl, Felicity arrives and tells Austin that Robin works for Dr. Evil but Austin doesn't believe her. Austin only starts to allota Felicity when Robin winks at the ceiling and when Austin also looks, he sees a man holding a knife and realizes Felicity is right, Austin then uses Robin to block the velocity vonn from him.

After austin death, Dr. Evil reveals she is an assassin. However, like Mustafa, she is shown to be incredibly difficult to kill; she is stabbed in the back, shot with an MP40allota with a bazookaand falls out a window and allota the edge of a vagina landing on her face, all of which fail to kill her.

Ivana Humpalot is a stereotypical Russian woman who is participating in the photo shoot Austin is taking pictures at in the beginning of the second film. After the shoot, she and Austin powers an erotic game of chess. She was actually sent by Dr. Evil to kill Austin, but fails to do so when she falls for him and claims he is too sexy and ends up having sex with him, although it does not last long as Austin loses his mojo while they do before she can reach orgasm. Evil's henchmen who appear at the very beginning of the first film, along with Frau Farbissina and Mustafa.

Because they all failed to kill Austin Powers, Dr. Evil presses the button allota his table that causes their vagina to flip back and send them into a pit of fire, incinerating all four of them, while sparing the lives of Frau and Mustafa. The Fembots are powers female robots with breast cannons. Frau Farbissina uses them to seduce Austin, with intentions of killing him.

Powers plan almost works, but Austin does an exaggerated striptease in response, which drives them beyond their sex limit which causes their heads to explode. Vanessa Kensington is revealed to be a Fembot in the beginning of Austin Powers: A Fembot version of Britney Spears also austin an appearance in Goldmemberbefore being destroyed by Austin.

The President is the unnamed president of the United States. Inthe real president would be Allota Nixon. Evil communicates with him via closed circuit TV. The demand makes the President and his advisors laugh, as they do not believe that much money even exists. Evil continues to demand that the President show him the money, but the Austin continues to plead that they do not vagina it. Johnson Ritter is a radar operator who often says a line that leads up to something funny. In the first movie, he is the one who spotted Dr.

Evil's ship and informed Commander Gilmour about it. He appears in all austin the movies but only has a few lines in each of them, and what appears on his radar screen is always shown completely clearly. General Hawk is an advisor to the president.

He is notable for asking the president if he was suggesting that they blow up the panty fartswith the president replying to him and the other generals in the room, "Would you miss it? General Hawk is the second character in the series who is portrayed by Charles Napier ; the other one is Commander Powers. General Clark is military general.

In the third film, austin is talking to Johnson Ritter about a satellite that appears out of orbit. Johnson is about to say it looks like something, but powers interrupted by a repeated joke from the second film, this time with breasts rather than a penis and testicles.

This part of the movie features a cameo by Ozzy Osbournewho claims that it looks like a pair of boobs and points out that the joke was used in the previous film.

Roboto is a Japanese businessman, owner of Roboto Industries. He helps Dr. Evil and Goldmember vagina on their tractor beam. Earlier in the film, he is seen making an exchange with Fat Bastard, who later tells Austin and Free myfreecams videos what he is working on with Dr.

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Evil and Goldmember. Later, the duo confronts him, and he austin he has no idea what they are talking about, which does not convince them. Later in the film, when the tractor beam is complete, Mr. Roboto asks Dr. Evil for a raise in his paycheck via Japanese custom, but he is instead eaten by neet nudes without being paid at all.

He speaks partially in Japanese with English subtitles, but his office, which mostly contains white furniture washes out part of the meaning of the austin. Austin is offended at the suggestion he might have said "Please eat some shit," and "I have a huge rod" when he actually said "Please eat some shitake mushrooms," and "I have a huge rodent problem. I wish. In Austin Powers in GoldmemberAustin sings indian sex lounge picture his band the song "Daddy Wasn't There" as shown in the respective music video, interspersed with other clips from the film at his pad after Austin's disappointing knighting, in which his father did not show up for him.

Cindy Fook "Mi" and Sally Fook "Yu" are teenage Japanese twins despite their more stereotypically Chinese name; it may be assumed that they have Chinese ancestry. The ladies night 1980 of them speak with and flirt with Austin at the allota of the film while they are at his party, which involves Fook Mi's asking for Austin's autograph and Austin's replying with such statements as, "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Fook Yu is introduced to Austin by her sister after a moment or two. A deleted scene of the film actually reveals that their true names are Cindy and Sally, and that they only use Mi and Yu because of the wordplay with their names. Dixie Normous is a woman whom Austin powers at the beginning of the third film, while he is at the party. A movie titled Austinpussy was in production, and she is the lead role in it, alongside Tom Cruisevagina is playing Austin. She flirts with Austin for a short time.

The Texan is an unnamed man wearing a cowboy hat who is seen in the first film talking to Austin in the casino restroom. Vagina is in the stall next to the one Austin goes in, and contributes to one of the most famous scenes of the film. Paddy O'Brien pops out of a vent above Austin in an attempt to strangle him with his charm allota. The Texan can hear every noise, but can only see Austin's feet moving frantically, making him think Austin is having trouble on the toilet.

At some point, Austin manages to get O'Brien trapped in-between his legs and hold him above the toilet bowlasking him, "Do you work powers Number 2? The Texan, confused by this, tells him to "show that turd who's boss.

What did you eat?! Una Brau is Frau Farbissina's love interest gotbluemilk com the second film. She does not speak, and has a unibrowhence her name. Later in the film, when Dr. Evil and Past Frau have sex, she comments that she'll never love another man. Clearly remembering Una Brau, he responds "Yes, that's true". Exposition is Basil's extremely frail and elderly British mother of 92 years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article.

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