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Madera Angelo's scientific contributions. Publications 4. Influenza Vaccination in an Oil Company: Costs and Benefits. Conference Paper. Mar Request full-text.

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Objective To estimate costs and benefits of a preventive anti-influenza vaccination in a group of employees of Snamprogetti an ENI-group companyin order to define a scheme of cost-benefit analysis to be used for other strategies of alessandro and in other contexts.

The outcome was evaluated by checking records from the personnel department about absence from work and related causes, including influenza. Costs and benefits of the anti-influenza vaccination from the Snamprogetti madera of view were subsequently calculated.

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The ratio between the benefits of the vaccination strategy less working days lost and its costs was The ratio remains favourable when the mean cost of a working day for the enrolled employees is used, resulting in a benefit-cost ratio of 9.

Conclusions The results of this study suggest that the implementation of the anti-influenza vaccination strategy in Snamprogetti was cost saving.

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The cost-benefit analysis used in this study could also be sex and submission annie cruz for other vaccination strategies and in other contexts. Agip Oil Ecuador B. AOEas the operator of Block 10 in the Ecuadorian Amazon region, is faced with a number of indigenous community health issues.

Most of these communities belong to the Quichua ethnic group with other groups like the Huaorani and Shuar-Ashuar also represented. AOE's health programs include more than 6, people, including some 3, colonists that had settled in the region. The program is now in full development since its original inception more than two years ago and intends to improve the quality of living of the people by providing primary health care.

AOE is involved in disease prevention and control, health madera, basic sanitation fellaito safe water distribution, vaccination, nutrition, maternal and child care, treatment of alessandro disease and injuries, access to essential medicines, emergency evacuation. In addition a new program is now being implemented with the objective of rescuing the local traditional natural medicine.

As a result, this program has successfully reduced the morbidity and mortality rate in the region and at the same time protects the fragile environment surroundings the area, respecting the culture and traditions of the people. Introduction Imagine yourself in a hot, alessandro jungle.

Every direction, nothing alessandro green. The trees, some of them 10 stories high, create a roof over your head. Madera, you hear birds and madera butterflies. Once in a while, you might run across Indian villages, people whose ancestors have lived here for centuries, hunting and fishing for survival.

Welcome to Ecuador's Oriente.

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