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The one that you two made was very good though, mainly because of the story. You guys did a great job with the first, I'm sure the second will be equally or probably better. Its just disappionting that it'll be a game you must pay for.

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You really expect anyone over 18 to be going to Newgrounds and watching Hentai Dating Sims? Thats a laugher. Gailgwynn87 RiceBaller MarcoSnow I liked the original as much as the next guy but come on! Having people pay for an incremental increase in content is disappointing to say the least, regardless of the popularity of the original.

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I hope you decide to reconsider. It's its own story. The voices were nasal, unemotional and reminded me of the average American teenage girl. He'd do better to eliminate the voice acting altogether. The animations and art are pretty terrible too, and the premise of the story is bloody ridiculous. We are subtle aren't we. Any tips or help? I swear I've poured over every star wars reference I can find.

Do capital letters count. So very unlikely to be something you can just punch in. Alright, so there are some delays going on in terms of getting the new patch released. So I decided to release the first 3 cheat codes: Veronica - turnandcough Olga - proteintorpedoes Carmen - pornception More will come later on. I'm getting "Invalid Cheat Code". Does the game need to be updated? Update on cheat code system: I have fixed a few bugs where people trying to enter the correct cheat codes were getting errors.

It should work now if you guys try it again. I have quickly updated hentaicook. Just wanted to say, I think this game is great! Scenes story and characters aching legitimately so unique and fun. I'm finding myself playing it more for them than the H scenes.

Aching Dreams aching Production Blog. Thursday, January 7, All fix for loading issues. If you're having any loading issues around day 10, please try playing the game at hentaicook. A new fix was introduced that affects the html file php to be precise rather than the game swf itself, so the fix full xxx full movies only be found exclusively at our server. Posted by Lovesworder at 1: Anonymous January dreams, at Lovesworder January 7, at 1: Anonymous January 12, at 6: Jungl3Curr1 February 26, at Anonymous January 8, at 1: Jungl3Curr1 January 8, at 1: Anonymous January 8, at 7: Download Aching All 2 Full You can download plug-ins at the publisher's site.

Aching Dreams 2 Free Full Download. You want more. Play Aching Dreams 2S! Try Jeanne's missions for free! February 29th, Aching Dreams 1 has been released!.

This game has been Greenlit by the Community! If you don't scenes in Japan and aren't making the game in Japan, it's not Japanese and it's not a hentai game. Fuck off weeaboo.

What if I have like It's by Western artists, it's not hentai, fuck off weeaboo scum. TysonL This steam release aims to be a dreams download.

Aching Dreams 3 Production Blog: New fix for loading issues.

You and any other supporters can help make this possible! NoMoho 26 Mar, 1: Scenes 26 Mar, They're all sisters. Why do they all have the exact same face? BobraYtka 26 Mar, Ilan14 26 Mar, 9: This looks like it could be a pretty good game. Good luck aching this! Lato 26 Mar, 6: Oh I like that then! Lato If you're referring to the combat dreams, don't worry. Like Reply TanerJoe Like Reply interesting Like All Idksomething Like Reply that guy Like Reply Puzzle Like Reply Comment on this game Nickname.

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Current rating 3. Psychic Private Eye [v 0.

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Aching Dreams: Fantasy Hentai Date Sim [v 1. Sex Gym [v 0.

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